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Dear Yellow Jacket,

One of the main purposes of the WVSUNAA is to support a network of former graduates who will, in turn, help to raise the profile of the university and support the matriculation of students through their academic experiences at State. Alumni membership affords alumni access to programs that offer a broader networking scope on a national and global scale.

The WVSUNAA understands that even after graduation, many students continue to feel connected to the university, which often becomes part of their identity. That is why we continue to offer former students several ways to keep their connection with the university. One might expect that as alumni you would get discounted university merchandise, but our alumni association is working to offer discounts on other things like hotels, rental cars, restaurants, and other services around the world. Your membership should have a tangible and expansion value.

Being an active member of the WVSUNAA is one of the great resources for incoming students. The WVSUNAA and many of the alumni chapters market the university; and award scholarships (funded by donations from alumni) to potential students who have played an integral role in students choosing to attend State.

The alumni association is not just for domestic students and encourages all including those from our expanding international population to spread the word globally.

Alumni recommendations carry a lot of weight with prospective students and once those students enter their respective career field.

So whether you sign up for membership (Life-Time or Annual), send a generous donation, or offer to serve as a mentor, there are many ways that your alumni association will help you help our beloved West Virginia State University.

Membership Types

The WVSUNAA currently offers two types of membership, Annual and Life membership.

Annual Membership Fee: $50.00
Annual membership is designated for those individuals who attended WVSU with at large membership. At large membership describes alumni that currently do not affiliate with an alumni chapter. Alumni may pay annual national dues of $25.00 directly to the NAA and receive the benefits of active membership.

Many alumni chapters assess separate alumni chapter fees for their chapter members and collect the national alumni annual membership of 25.00 on behalf of each chapter member which are then sent directly to the NAA and receive the benefits of active membership.

Life Membership Fee: $500.00
Life Membership is available to those individuals who have paid the $500.00 fee for Life Membership.

We appreciate any direct support to WVSU however these contributions do not make you a member of the NAA.
The NAA is extremely proud of its accomplishments over the recent years. The contributions from our alumni through our annual membership dues and our Life Membership fees have allowed us to conduct our business operations in service to the students, alumni and the university.

Membership Benefits

Alumni with a valid National Alumni Association membership card have access to the following offers: 

♦ 15% discount on all regularly priced apparel at the University bookstore

♦ Up to 20% off gym memberships at the on-campus gym

♦ $1 off admission to WVSU sporting events

♦ 10% off purchases at Subway in Dunbar, WV

♦ Invitations to exclusive members-only events

Join/Renew WVSUNAA Membership

Join & Renew Chapter Memberships Online!

The following Alumni Chapters have online membership payments available:

Baltimore/Charm City, MD Chapter
Charlotte, NC Chapter
Columbus, OH Chapter
Metropolitan Washington D.C. Chapter