Why Give


  • We have 30 degree programs including 28 minors, an Honors Program and various research and internship opportunities that help prepare students for a successful career in their chosen field.
  • We have high quality teaching, advisement, individualized attention with a faculty ration of (14 to 1), that allows for extensive faculty-student interaction.
  • We have over 50 student organizations that encourage independence, development, critical thinking skills, and an overall sense of connection.
  • We have an athletic program that fields eleven men's and women's sports teams with an average GPA of 3.2%.


Through gifts from alumni and friends like you, the university is able to:

  • Recruit and retain students
  • Help students afford to continue their education
  • Retain faculty members in a competitive market

Inspire and support the next generation of Yellow Jackets by making a gift to the Annual Fund.


As WVSU looks forward to the coming year, we are optimistic about returning to a more normal university experience. An experience that offers the full spectrum of student life including in-person classes, student activities, events and more!

During the past year just over 82% of our students received scholarships and financial support. Without these vital financial resources many students would not be able to continue their education.

The pandemic required WVSU to stretch resources to provide much needed scholarship and emergency assistance to hundreds students due to loss of personal and family jobs, food insecurity, as well as to fund online technology allowing students to attend virtual classrooms and continue their education. COVID-19 had a tremendous impact on everyone.

But we have persevered …

  • Because of you … during the past year just over 82% of our students received scholarships and financial support to continue their education;
  • Because of you … WVSU has provided us and thousands of other students with an exceptional education and the resources to achieve anything we set our minds to and has opened our eyes to what lies ahead; and
  • Because of you … WVSU graduates are going on to attend medical, law and graduate schools, serve their country and enter the workforce.


How You Made A Difference

Student Stories

Student Life Scholarship Recipient

Jordan Jones

Without the generosity of those around me, I would not be able to further my education at West Virginia State University, and would be working a minimum wage job. I am the first person in my family to attend college, let alone finish high school. It means so much to me that you are willing to help me make my dreams come true. Thank you so much.

William White Endowed Scholarship

Chyann T. Etheredge

I am currently a Sophomore pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. After graduation, I plan to pursue a doctorate. Receiving this scholarship motivates me to become more active, both in school and my community. Thank you for this opportunity.

Doris W. & Walter F. Johnson Scholarship

Mason Rice

I am a senior Accounting major at West Virginia State University. With my education, I plan to help underdeveloped communities with their finances. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals! I will be able to focus exclusively on my academics and won't have to worry about the financial burden that comes with pursuing a higher education. Once again, thank you!

Robert F. Parker, II Scholarship

A'sa Burcham

Thank you for investing in my education! Your generosity has allowed me to focus even more on my studies as I do not have to worry about paying for school expenses. I am truly honored to receive this award.