WVSU Alumni Pledge

“To join hands with other Alumni in perpetuating the ideals of West Virginia State,
Nurturing its growth and promoting its programs. To serve with honor in my chosen
Profession, and to make myself a symbol of the best traditions of West Virginia State.
This is my commission and my challenge.”


Mission Statement

To support the University in its effort to remain a strong and effective institution of higher learning and its continuance to promote a high quality educational program for its students.

To assist the University in its recruitment program.

To serve as a major source of communication between the University and the local chapters.

To solicit the assistance of the University's Office of Alumni Affairs in establishing new chapters.

To promote and generate interest in the University by stimulating greater participation on the part of its former students.

To seek continuing support for the University in financial as well as non-financial forms.

To operate as a non-profit organization.

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