Create access to education by contributing to an existing scholarship fund annually or by creating a scholarship at a level that is right for you.


Presidential Scholarship Fund

The Presidential Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to recruit and retain deserving students and is funded by gifts of all sizes. A gift of $10,000 annually will enable you to create a distinct, named Presidential Scholarship.
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Endowed Scholarship Fund

An Endowed Scholarship will provide annual scholarship awards in perpetuity in your name or the name of someone you choose to honor. Establish an Endowed Scholarship now with a minimum gift of $25,000 and add to it at any time in the future.





Endowed Scholars Program

A named Endowed Scholars Program will enhance scholarship and research opportunities for a cohort of students selected according to criteria that reflect your values and may include financial need, academic major, professional preparation, leadership or service. A minimum gift of $500,000 can establish an Endowed Scholars Program.