glenn morshowerGlenn Morshower

Black & Gold Gala Keynote Address


Glenn Morshower is most widely known as playing the character Aaron Pierce on the TV show 24. He has also been seen in the first three Transformer movies, Moneyball, X-Men First Class, Parkland, Black Hawk Down and Star Trek: Generations. He has been a guest or recurring guest on TV shows such as the West Wing, Dallas, Castle, Army Wives, Friday Night Lights and Hawaii Five-O and most recently Law and Order. He has appeared in nearly 200 different TV shows and movies over the past 30 years, along with voicing several very popular video games and animated series. Glenn has a very recognizable face and voice, but most people can’t quite seem to place him. And yet they know him. That actually works to his advantage.


What most people are surprised to learn is that he has been giving motivational talks around the country for the past 25 years called “The Extra Mile.” When you hear him speak and if you get to know him personally, you will soon learn that he walks his talk. He does go the Extra Mile in every aspect ofhis life.While Glenn has appeared in many feature TV shows and movies with some of the biggest stars in the business, you discover that he is very down to earth, approachable, and loves the life he leads and wants everyone to find that same joy in their own life.


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